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Width: 41 cm

Depth: 81 cm

Height: 2 cm

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DONIKA Hand towel 16"x32" DBL

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• Design of Index Living Mall
• Cotton fabric (natural source cotton fiber) has good moisture absorption. With soft texture and porous cotton, has excellent water absorption and dries quickly. Multi-color border design with synthetic fibers helps create product highlights.
• Luxurious and modern Italian design. This product has Aertex technology that creates air pockets inside the yarn, making the yarn more voluminous, softer and absorbent. 

Out of stock

The product is made from 100% cotton fabric combined with a little synthetic fiber that is safe for users.

More Information

  • Material
    Cotton fiber
  • Color
    Dark Blue
  • Product Size
    Width: 41cm -Depth: 81cm -Height: 2cm
  • Collection
  • Style
    Modern Contemporary
  • Brand
    Index Living Mall
  • Good to Know
    With soft touch and great water-absorbent feature.
Machine wash, and wash with like colors.
Fabric softener is not recommended.