Purchase Policy

1. Deposit

Index Living Mall requires a deposit in order to secure products for Furniture products. The deposit fee will be equal to 20% of the final purchase price. For home decoration, 100% payment upon purchase is required if buying at store.

When customer makes partial payment in advance, the remaining payment will be made in full when the product is delivered. If customer refuses to receive the product, Index Living Mall reserves the right to cancel your order with no refund on the deposit.

The Refund of deposit will follow the Return & Exchange Policy.

2. Payment

Index accepts payment methods as below:

  • Cash,
  • Domestic ATM card/ Internet banking,
  • Visa/Master Card,
  • Other online payment gateways.

When customer makes full payment in advance, this mean the order is confirmed. The refund of advanced payment will follow Return & Exchange Policy.

3. Storage

ILM supports customers to keep their products at ILM’s warehouse with a fee of 15,000 VNDs/ m3/ day within 30 days from the date of purchase. If you do not receive the product after 30 days, ILM will cancel the order and deduct the cost of keeping the goods from the amount you have paid for.

4. VAT invoice

For all orders, customers will receive a VAT invoice released after paying total purchase value and the delivery is completed.