Index Living Mall is very sorry if your items are defective and in need of warranty. But please note that your items include a free warranty if the following conditions are met:

+ Product was manufactured and purchased directly from Index Living Mall.

+ Product damage is the result of the manufacturer and not related to accidental damage, misuse, modification, or third-party components such as electricity, water, termite, chemistry, etc.

+ The warranty period is still valid.

+ Warranty stamp/ tag is intact, has not been removed, not scratched or repaired, or smeared.


The warranty period for products is:

+ Furniture: 1 year

+ Mattress: 3-5 years

+ Fitting accessories: 25 years

For Home Decoration Items: no WARRANTY




Index Living Mall products have been tested and tested. To guarantee the production quality according to the highest standards

For this reason, we are able to guarantee a limited warranty which covers the materials and defects caused by the production of the product. Under the terms of the warranty specified in this warranty Please bring the original receipt or warranty card to show to the customer relations counter. To obtain the rights under this warranty, the company reserves the right to not guarantee the product. If you do not have an original receipt or warranty card to show



●        This warranty covers products that are defective or defective in production for a period of 01 year - 25 years(subject to additional conditions) from the date of receiving the product. The company reserves the right to cancel the product warranty if it is found that Product damage is caused by factors beyond warranty which are not related to the manufacturing process and defective parts. Such as damage caused by careless use or misuse, scratches, lack, stains and stains, modified products, assembly and installation, damaged goods due to Wrong cleaning, deterioration of materials according to lifetime, moldy products, termite or moth-eaten products, damaged by natural disasters, conditional products, display products, Clearance Sales products and made to order products


●        In the event of damage, but the company is unable to procure materials or parts in the same item for repair or replacement during the repair period, the company reserves the right to procure materials with specifications. And equally standard as a replacement


●        If the company considers that your product is within the warranty terms, the company reserves the right to decide to proceed with the replacement of replacement parts.


●        In the event that your product has been replaced with parts Or has been repaired The warranty period of the product will remain effective from the day you receive the product. Which does not extend the time from the date the product is repaired


●        For maximum satisfaction, the company is happy to return products within 3 days of receiving the product. Which must be the product still in the packaging, in good condition, unused or assembled, warranty stamp/ tag is intact and meets every point in Warranty Policy


●        In case of returning products within 3 days of receiving the product which the product has been unpacked or assembled The company reserves the right to deduct a 20% minimum processing fee from the price you bought.


●        This warranty only covers products used within the household.


●        The company reserves the right to be judges. And decide whether the product is within the warranty terms or not Company verdict Considered final


●        The company reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of the warranty without prior notice.


●        The terms and conditions of this warranty cover through both online & offline purchases