Sản phẩm

Chiều Dài: 197 cm

Chiều Rộng: 94 cm

Chiều Cao: 104 cm

New Arrival

Ghế Thư Giãn Chỉnh Điện 2 Chỗ LEDGER

31.192.000 ₫
38.990.000 ₫
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Thông tin thêm

  • Chất liệu
    Vải Cotton
  • Màu sắc
    Màu Nâu
  • Kích thước
    Chiều Dài: 197cm -Chiều Rộng: 94cm -Chiều Cao: 104cm
  • Bộ sưu tập
  • Phong cách
    Modern Contemporary
  • Thương hiệu
    Index Living Mall
  • Good to Know
    - The actual color is brown tone. Due to the light and screen setting difference, the items color may be slightly different from the pictures.
    - Maximum capacity is not over 150 kg./seat.
    - For mass production product, please allow 1-2 cm for sizing of product differences due to manual measurement.
    - Leave the recliner away from the wall approximately 10-15 cm.
    Additional Information:
    - Maximum recline size: W.197 x D.160 x H.80 cm.
    - Console size: W.34 x D.94 x H.104 cm.
    - Seat height from floor to seat: 49 cm.
- Avoid applying sharp articles on product surface.
- Be placed in airy area to protect musty smell and Be moldy at last.
- Avoid placing product directly to sunlight for long time and keep away.
- Vacuum clean or using soft dry cloth to clean the product.
- In case of dirty stain, use damp cloth with water or mild soap following with dry cloth or rarely using STAY clean cleaner to clean the product.