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*HOME STAYCATION Tháng 07/2021:

  • Giảm ngay 5% cho đơn hàng dưới 3 triệu
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Chất liệuGỗ Ván Dăm
Thương hiệuIndex Living Mall
Màu sắcMàu xám
Kích thước80x35x95
Bộ sưu tậpTIANA
Phong cáchModern Contemporary
- Gently clean with a soft cloth or feature duster. In case of stain, wipe with a cloth moistened water or mild soapy water, and dry with a clean cloth
- Place furnitures in ventilated areas to prevent mold.
- Do not use chemical cleanser to prevent surface damage
- Do not attach adhesive-based material (e.g. adhesive tape and masking tape) to prevent surface damage, stain and marks.)